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The filters factory was established in 1981 in the industrial city in Jeddah

in order to produce all types of filters ‘diesel, air, oil’ used in most types of cars and trucks of various types, in addition to turbine filters generating electricity and all types of equipment filters. The company’s products were characterized by high quality and specifications that match the specifications of the manufacturer of the car or equipment.

The area of the land allocated to the factory in the fourth phase of the industrial city in Jeddah is about 28 thousand square meters employed by about 220 workers and employees have been trained and qualified technically to achieve the highest degrees of quality and efficiency in production, that most of the needs of the factory of the main raw materials such as filter paper is imported from Germany while the sheet is imported from Japan, and since its inception occupied the factory filters absolute rank leadership in securing the need of the local market and neighboring Arab markets of filters Cars and equipment of all kinds (oil, diesel and air), and the factory obtained the ISO 9002 certificate in 2000 and opened new export markets in the heart of Europe, Africa and East Asia, and its products of turbine generator filters are approved for power stations in the Kingdom in addition to the adoption of its products by the main transport companies in the Kingdom.

About us

Al-Mutlaq Refrigeration Industry Company is a premier force within the Kingdom, producing insulated car boxes tailored for dry transport, refrigerated boxes, and trailers. As a steadfast producer in the refrigeration sector, our influence reverberates through cold-chain logistics and temperature-controlled transportation.
In a landscape where the preservation of goods during transit is paramount, Al-Mutlaq Refrigeration emerges as a cornerstone, delivering insulated car boxes that form a protective cocoon around cargo. These boxes, meticulously crafted to shield contents from external climatic variables, ensure that items retain their integrity, freshness, and quality throughout their journey. Whether perishable foods, pharmaceuticals, or other sensitive products, insulated car boxes provide a stable microenvironment that prevents spoilage and degradation.
But our prowess extends beyond dry transport. The company’s engineering proficiency extends to refrigerated boxes and trailers, vehicles that encapsulate a controlled atmosphere within their confines. This mastery translates into a seamless flow of goods requiring precise temperature management. Al-Mutlaq Refrigeration’s refrigerated boxes and trailers become the guardians of temperature-sensitive merchandise, guaranteeing that everything from delicate produce to specialized medical supplies arrives unscathed and ready for use.

The saga of Al-Mutlaq Refrigeration Industry

Company's ascendancy within the Kingdom is more than just a tale of products; it's a narrative of dedication to the preservation of quality, a commitment to the integrity of transported goods, and an embodiment of innovation within the refrigeration sector. As the leading producer in the Kingdom, their insulated car boxes, refrigerated boxes, trailers, and insulating panels collectively weave a tapestry that sustains the vitality of industries relying on precision temperature control.

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